Please pardon the interruption

We wanted to write a brief note to all of our readers to let you know how much we appreciate your interest, concern, support, thoughts, and prayers.  I assure you that we will continue to tell our story and post updates on Francis’ progress.  Ideally, the posts would be more frequent and on a more predictable schedule.  Unfortunately, our life is a little too unpredictable for that at the moment.

As I’m sure you also can imagine, going back over the details of the last several months can be both a painful and therapeutic experience for both of us.  The posts at this point in the story seem to be more emotionally draining for me than the earlier posts were.  As a result, it’s taking a bit longer to write and edit them, but there are already a couple more in the editing phase that will be ready to go soon.

In the meantime, we encourage you to share this blog with others.  Getting the word out helps us meet and hear from those who may have experiences, information, and contacts that will be helpful for us.  You can also sign-up for email updates on the right side of the homepage.

Again, thanks for your patience and expect to see more of the story soon!


5 responses

  1. We are constantly thinking of you and continually in prayer for health and strength for each moment of every day. “Let the river flow” and ride God’s love as He leads through the moments. I believe His Spirit is right there with you. Love you!

  2. My prayers are with you all . I have sent Frances’s name to my church’s intercessory prayer group for their prayers. My heart goes out to you all. Cousin Vicki

  3. Tracy & Beth Whitaker | Reply

    We will continue to hold the four of you in our prayers for healing and comfort, knowing God’s arms are wrapped around you. We will also pray for God to guide the doctors in every aspect of the treatments. ZUM Love to all of you,

  4. LeAnne & Francis – I am sure every step of the journey is a challenge, you write so beautifully with sincere emotion. Pouring your heart out is exhausting. Praying you find peace & rest, in the middle of all the craziness. 🙂 Jamie

  5. I wanted you to know I have Seen frankensece used on a cancer and have it GONE. As you can guess it was one of my dogs in March and he is fine. I know of 2 vets who have used it successfully on animal cancers. Hope you will find something, which will help you as I was able to find for my Java’s cancer. Cousin Vicki

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