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Giving thanks

Today, Thanksgiving, is a time for us all to reflect on those things for which and people for whom we are thankful.  We have much to be thankful for this year.

There are many trivial things that I once thought, “Gosh, I’m thankful for that.”  The things that come to mind are central heat and air conditioning, ice cream, sleeping in until the afternoon, beautiful sunsets, and clear and starry summer nights.

Then things began to get more real.  I was and continue to be thankful that I met a kind, generous, thoughtful man in a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing in D.C. whom I respect and love with all my heart.  I am thankful that he picked me to be his wife.

We are thankful for the birth of our son, Couper, and generous offices in which we worked that allowed us to spend the first several months of Couper’s life getting acquainted with him.  We also learned to be thankful for any sleep, however long it may be.

We were thankful for the opportunity to move to Florida for a great job for Francis.  We continue to be blessed and thankful for the colleagues who have become friends, the ladies in my book club, the families with children Couper’s age here in Tallahassee who we’ve all grown to know and love in this new hometown.

We were grateful, despite the pain of a cancer diagnosis, for an answer to the health problems Francis began struggling with early this year.  We are thankful for those friends and family who rallied around us to get Francis into Mayo, helped me arrange prenatal care in Jacksonville just in case I needed it, played with and cared for Couper during the ups and downs of those terrible weeks, brought us food and company, and sent up countless prayers on our behalf.

We’re thankful for and blessed by the healthy arrival of our daughter Riley.  Despite my initial concerns about getting pregnant several months earlier than planned, the timing was perfect and her arrival was the bright spot in an otherwise dark period that we desperately needed.

Finally, we’re thankful for you.  You who have read these incredibly raw and painful posts.  Those of you who have called, written, stopped by, sent goodies, and continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers.  You’re better than central heat, ice cream, sleeping in, sunsets, and starry nights combined.  It is because we know you are behind us, around us, and cheering us on that we get through the rough days.

We are truly blessed and very thankful everyday and especially as we reflect on this day for giving thanks.

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