So we wait…

It’s becoming clear to me that I have serious issues with patience in hospital/doctors’ offices waiting rooms.  I’m not the only one.  Seems that little pockets of angst bubble over every now and then among the clusters of patients and family members sitting here in the hallway with us waiting to be called.

We arrived at MD Anderson at 8:20 this morning.  We waited in the hallway until 9:00 to be called back to another waiting room.  This time we at least had a TV, although I find all the news is rather frustrating or depressing.

We waited in the small waiting room (capacity 4 people) about 20 minutes before being called in to do pre-op paperwork with the nurse.  Then back to the hallway, sans television, to wait with the larger crowd of waiters.

The nurse, after an impressive New Orleans-style rendition of happy birthday for Francis, informed us that the next step is holding.  There you take off anything you weren’t born with and change into a hospital gown.  After holding, you have an hour of surgery prep, a 30 minute (at most) procedure, and another hour of post-op recovery and stabilization before I’ll get to lay eyes on him.

The surgery was scheduled for 30 minutes at 10:45.  The nurse informed us that they have a 2-hour window on either side (early or late) in which to perform the surgery.  She said they were running on time today.  I guess “on time” means late, as all the places we’ve waited on our visits here have a board indicating they’re on time.

My type-A personality is itching to do something about this while I outwardly look for ways to remain calm and not be one of those family members who melts down in the hallway.  Hope to be on our way soon…


4 responses

  1. Leanne and francis, praying for you this morning. Love Aunt Bev

  2. LeeAnn – Praying here in Jacksonville.

  3. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers ALWAYS!!!

  4. Thinking of you both today – praying for good news. xx

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