Experiencing our greatest fear…

When I last posted I mentioned that the worst part of waiting for the surgery on the 13th of February was how far away it seemed.  With a cancer we can’t fully know or understand, time isn’t our greatest friend.  One of the things we fear most we are now facing.

Francis began experiencing abdominal pain late Wednesday and into Thursday.  He was having difficulty sleeping on Thursday night and moved to the couch around 2 AM Friday morning to make sure his tossing and turning wouldn’t keep me awake.  He returned to bed around 5 AM, but the pain gradually increased throughout the day.

At 3:00 yesterday afternoon, we contacted MD Anderson and the PA for Francis’s surgeon.  She advised us to go to the emergency room because the symptoms we were describing sounded like an obstruction in his intestines.

So here we go again.  After another frustrating Friday evening in the ER at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, Francis is now in a room and resting beside me.

He’s receiving pain medication and fluids by IV.  They had to place an NG tube last night to drain his stomach.  That is a horrible medical device, and in our opinion just shy of torture.

We were informed by his nurse that after an X-ray this morning his NG tube wasn’t well placed.  Rather than just adjusting it, they had to remove it completely and plan to reinsert it here in a little bit.  We’re REALLY unhappy about this!  We’re hoping there is something they can give him to calm him down/sedate him a bit before doing the reinsertion.

Here are the things we need: prayers for this obstruction to go away on its own without the need for surgery, wisdom and patience for the doctors and medical staff here (our confidence in them is important, and it’s badly damaged from previous experience), clarity for us to know when to get more answers and take more time before making any decisions and when to know that the guidance we’re getting is accurate, and ultimately that we can still do the surgery as planned in Houston in a couple of weeks.


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  1. You and family continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Much love Aunt Bonnie

  2. Dear LeAnne and Francis—
    We are certain you are feeling very frightened and alone—like you are “in the wilderness”…I like these words (for dealing with such fears) by Michael Walzer…

    What the Exodus first taught:
    First, that wherever you live, it is probably Egypt.
    Second, that there is a better place,
    a place more attractive, a promised land.
    Third, that the way to the land is through the wilderness.

    We are standing in your corner with our prayers and great hope and love.
    Janice (and Mal) Shaffer

  3. Lee Anne, I am a friend of Francis’ mother, here in Tallahassee, and in the DAR with her. I live half a block from the hospital. Is there anything I can bring you? Soup, fruit, a sandwich, something to drink? You name it…… You can email as below or call at 681-9020. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Mary Anne Price

    1. That is so kind of you. Right now I’m doing ok and Francis is resting. Will be in touch if anything comes up. Thank you!

  4. Kathy Grant Murrell | Reply

    I wish Dick and I could be doing more than praying. My advice is to keep asking- ask for extra lubricant on the n/g tube, ask for some meds to help Francis relax, keep asking. Maybe thru need to put the tube in under fluoroscopy to makee sure the first time is the charmed. Love you, aunt Kathy

    1. Thanks for the advice. Very helpful since we don’t speak doctor-ese or nurse-ish so well all the time!

  5. LeAnne and Francis – – I’ve just offered the most powerful prayer I’ve been able to conjure up from the depths of my soul since my husband died a year and a half ago. I will continue to pray for Francis’ comfort and peace for all of you today and in the many days and weeks ahead.
    Grace and peace to you,

  6. Praying diligently and specifically for God to guide physicians and staff there to provide what Francis needs at this moment and that Houston plan will not change. Also praying for you LeAnne. For added strength. For wisdom to ask the right questions to seek and secure the right solutions. Praying for Couper and Riley and thankful for the friends that are helping you with them.

  7. We lift you up in prayer, in the mighty name of Jesus we ask for speedy solutions; the end of pain, and the restoration of hope in Him.

  8. LeAnne,

    You, Francis, Couper and Riley are in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. Thank you for keeping us up to date no matter the circumstances. You are not alone. You and Francis make are an incredibly strong team. We pray to god to give your family the strength to come through this.

  9. Leanne, praying for you and family. Love. Aunt Bev

  10. Leanne…sending y’all love and prayers. Please let us know if we can help w the babies. 5618186064 xxxooo

    1. Thanks, Meredith. Will let you know!

  11. We continue to send prayers to and for you. We will …up…Our prayer time over the next couple of weeks. May God wrap his healing arms around each of you. ZUM Love, Beth and Tracy Whitaker

  12. Leanne,
    Know that you and Francis are in our thoughts and prayers each and every day. Thank you for keeping us updated on Francis. We hope that every day is a better day for him.
    From Fernandina Beach, we send our love.
    Bill and Sally Bailey

  13. Oh my gosh, LeAnne. What a nightmare for the two of you. Oh my oh my, I have been so hoping that Francis would be without pain or complications until the surgery in Houston and then that would go well. And, we have been so looking forward to and hoping to see you at Bo’s service. You are definitely in our prayers and I am going to ask our pastor in the morning to put you two on our prayer list at church. Our love and hugs to the two of you.
    Jane Milstead

  14. LeAnne, I am a friend of Frances. My family and I are hoping and praying for the best outcome possible. I wish he was at MDAnderson right now. Until then, we are thinking of you and your family. Our best to you. Marie White

  15. Francis and LeAnne, We are both praying for you !! We have known Francis since he was a very young man of about 12 and love him very much. We are following your updates. Let us know (or Frances) if there is any thing we can do for you. Prayers for both of you and your family. Tammy and Frank Kitchens (SC)

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