Patience with a side order of progress

This will be a short post because, unfortunately, I don’t have a lot to report.

For whatever reason, the CD of Francis’s CT scan didn’t make it to Dr. Fournier in Houston until last evening after everyone was gone for the day.  It was a long day of anxiety filled waiting with nothing to show when the day came to a close.

At this point, the CD should be in the hands of Dr. Fournier and/or his medical staff.  It may have been reviewed, but we still await word of the decision.  Frustrating, but we trust that we’ll get news today.

In the meantime, Francis’s bowels decided to move today.  We don’t know what this means and we don’t know if we should expect progress in this area to continue, but we choose to believe that this is a good sign and are hoping for the best.

I will post with a more detailed update once we have more details.  Until then, thank you for your prayers, thoughts, concern, care, notes, texts, and emails.  We couldn’t do this without each and every one of our family and friends!


3 responses

  1. Kathy Grant Murrell | Reply

    Well,L, in this case, crap is good news! Dick and I are on our way back from LA, sitting in the Dallas airport, celebrating. I am so grateful you keep us informed. At least we have SOLID evidence that it is not a complete obstruction. I will keep praying! K

  2. I have been following the progress that Francis is making and am thrilled with today ‘s news. My Bible Study group is also praying and I am SURE Francis will be well and having a wonderful time being a fantastic husband and father for a very Long time. My love. Sandy

  3. I pray no news is good news. My prayers & my church family’s prayers are with you all. The 13 th is quickly approaching. Know you must want it here NOW.
    Cousin Vicki

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