Fast friends

Mindelynn and I (Sarah) were reflecting on the day, and since we know that many of you were not able to make it to Florida, we asked LeAnne if we could share a little with you.

It seemed ironic to gather under the Spanish moss on a warm, sunny Florida morning for the purpose of bidding farewell to our good friend Francis. The natural beauty of the day almost seemed to mock the grief that was palpable among the family and friends present at Oaklawn Cemetery. But the day was so much more than a day of tears–it was a day pulsating with life, with hope, and even with joy. Not the type of joy you experience when life is good and circumstances are easy, but a deep and abiding joy that comes with knowing how much a person was loved and admired by those who knew him. 

And Francis was–and is–very deeply loved and admired.

He is admired by high school friends who shared amusing anecdotes from the “early years” at the  life celebration held in his honor at the Florida Yacht Club. Some of their memories are captured in this great video. He is highly esteemed by his professional colleagues who celebrated his deep commitment to public service, his integrity in pursuing excellence, and his desire to bring out the best in them. This was evident in the tribute given about him on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives recently.

And in honoring Francis, his friends and colleagues were also honoring his family, who–even in the midst of their own grief–comforted and served their guests with such grace and kindness that we could not help but feel overwhelmed. To lose a husband, a dad, a son, a brother, an uncle and still summon the strength to show hospitality and compassion to the rest of us is a reflection of the kind of people who are genuine and good. The kind of person Francis was.

One of Francis’ greatest gifts was his ability to befriend practically any one and to find ways to connect with people. So many people testified about his knack for making you feel as if you had known him forever, for being a “fast friend” who could be counted on to make you laugh, play a practical joke on you, talk about what is really important (whether it be Gator football, constitutional rights, etc.), and be there for you when you needed him. His loyalty, his service, his genuine love of people made him great. 

We know that people all over the world have been reading this blog and regardless of the extent to which you know Francis and LeAnne, you undoubtedly are a “fast friend” of theirs. Throughout the day, LeAnne was showing us texts, emails, and Facebook messages that she has received from many of you. Each of them obviously means a lot to her, even if she isn’t able to respond to each and every one, and they will be important for the entire family for years to come. So if you have not yet shared your memories of Francis, please do so by emailing them to 

In leaving Jacksonville, Mindelynn and I will continue honoring Francis by aspiring to be genuine and good friends to those in our lives. We can think of no greater way that you can honor Francis, LeAnne, and their family than by sharing your lives with others. For Francis, this meant sharing some of his life’s great enjoyments: golf, Gators, and good food. 

Whatever is precious to you, don’t hold back. Think of Francis, and share abundantly.


7 responses

  1. Thank you Mindelynn and Sarah for such a beautiful response and “sum” of today’s Celebration of Life for Francis. Today did give a thoughtful, comforting, and even humorous glimpse into the life of this young man that loved well and was well loved.
    Aunt Debby

  2. Dolores Strickland | Reply

    LeAnn, what a beautiful man he was. I recognize him even though I never met him. I love him. He is a real person. Love to you, Dolores

  3. Well structured. Well written. Well said. To abundant life, broken and spilled out for those we love and those we have yet to love. Well done Francis.

  4. This post gave me goose bumps as I thought of the amazing group of people that will honor this man and his family for years to come. What a story of courage and grace.

  5. Zilpha Underwood | Reply

    Such a moving tribute to Francis and his family. It’s clear he lived a rich and meaningful life.

  6. Frances Wentz Taber | Reply

    My magnificent son… Thank you.

  7. It was an honor to attend and to hear the tributes to Francis and his family.

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