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  1. Hi LeAnne, I just wanted to wish you and Francis best of luck and Merry Christmas! I met Francis only for one day, back in the summer of ’97. I was visiting his parents and he kindly offered a quick flight at dusk over Amelia Island, an experience I will never forget. I have followed his career through Frances. Please give him my very best wishes for his full and prompt recovery.

  2. Francis,

    Good luck with the surgery. My thoughts and prayers are with you and LeAnn today. I will also share your story with our friends and they wil pray for success as well. See you soon

  3. LeAnne, if there is anything I can do, please let me know. I am always praying for you guys.

  4. Marsha & Mike Harvey | Reply

    We have never met, but my daughter, Kylie McCardle, informed us about Francis. We have been praying for him and for your family. Prayer warriors at our little church in Wellsburg, WV have been praying also. I know you didn’t receive the results you were praying for this week, but we will not stop praying for God’s blessings for Francis & your family.

  5. Ann Moncrief Coy | Reply

    LeAnne…………..My name is Ann Coy and I am in a weekly Bible study group@ our local Methodist Church in Evansville, and Kathy Murrell has shared your story with us and asked ua each to hold your family in prayer. WE HAVE DONE THAT. Today she told us about your blog and as I have read about your “difficult journey”, I am blown away at your courage, strength, perseverance and your EXCELLENT writing ability. Your ability to tell things as they really are and to share your thoughts so honestly is a gift, and we thank you for sharing it. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!! (and YOU WILL……..tho it is NOT EASY!)
    I have a friend in California who is on a similar journey (and on the internet). I send her jokes or funny stuff each time we communicate, so I will leave you with a “chuckle”. Are you ready for this?…..O.K. “Laughter is like changing a baby’s diaper; It doesn’t permanently solve any problems, but it does make things more acceptable for awhile”.May you experience some bit oh humor each day. I pray God’s blessings on and for ALL OF YOU!……………….Ann Coy

  6. Debbie Hohlt | Reply

    Keeping you in our prayers. Much love, Debbie Hohlt

  7. LeAnne, My name is Monica and I knew Francis when we were in high school. I didn’t know him very well, but I did know him to be a kind-hearted individual who was genuine and caring. Thank you for your moving post. I had no idea about any of this until today and my heart goes out to you. I send you my deepest love, light, and wishes for peace and joy in your days to come and that of your children. All the best…

  8. LeAnne

    My heart breaks for you. I truly understand. I found your blog to be inspiring and wonder how you have had the energy to write so candidly and honestly. Especially in the times of great despair and grief. It is quite admirable that you can share this and for those who have been through any of these stages of a major health issue and/or death, your words are reassuring that we are not alone when faced with such a life blowing hit.

    This month, my husband has been very ill for five years. It has been a roller coaster. The emotional highs and lows at times are as exhausting and devastating as the actual physical ailment. Your posting on May 1 resonated so closely to home. It made my heart break and now to know you were in the final stages of his life, you articulated it so well.

    I pray for you, your children, and your families. Your children are so fortunate to have a strong Mother.

    Take care

  9. LeAnne,

    Naturally, when you get a Facebook friend request from someone you haven’t seen or spoken to in years, you start looking through photos and reading the “About Me” section. I noticed the link to your blog and instantly clicked on it eager to read what you had written. Without even getting through the November 2013 entry, I was in tears. For the past week, I have found myself reading each and every post with a heavy heart. Your story is filled with sadness, heartache, hope, encouragement, and so many more emotions I cannot even begin to name or express. It takes courage to tell your story and open yourself up to so many people following you on your journey.

    I wish nothing but the best for you and your children.


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